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Introduction to Academic departments  

About IOS
The Institute of Optoelectronic Sciences in the National Taiwan Ocean University was established in 1997, when the optoelectronic industry in Taiwan started to exhibit fast growth and huge amount of manpower in this area was needed. At present, this institute provides MS as well as PhD programs. Each year about 40 students graduate from this institute and join the job market.

Over the last decades, the progress in optoelectronics has been so fast that in order to catch up the development, we offer students excellent basic courses, broad spectrum of knowledge in various related fields, and opportunities of research in new and hot subjects. The alumni from this institute are mainly working as engineers and managers in optoelectronic companies while some of them become faculties in other universities.

Currently, most of the research fields in this institute are based on nanotechnology and nanoscience which in combination with optoelectronics produce a wide variety of branches. Specifically the subjects we are studying include:
(1) nano-photonics
(2) surface plasmon
(3) solar photonics
(4) semiconductor optoelectronic material
(5) LED device
(6) nanostructures processing
(7) field emission and display
(8) near-field optics
(9) integrated optics
(10) bio-medical chip
(11) ultrafast optoelectronics
(12) terahertz radiation
(13) organic light-emitting device
(14) organic solar cell
(15) fiber optics
(16) light-controlled drug release
(17) nano-laser.

In the future, we will hire more faculties with specialties in optoelectronics to further enhance the diversity of research. Moreover, the institute has been actively cooperating with the Academia Sinica, the Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, and domestic and international universities in order to extend the scope of research and accessibility of some high-precision instruments.


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